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Dupliquote.com Serves Up a Competitive Online Bidding Environment Where Duplication Services Compete for Jobs
Posted Sep 30, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

CCE Holdings, Inc. has launched DupliQuote.com, a competitive online bidding environment where duplicators compete for jobs posted by producers. Producers log on, anonymously submit the details of their job for free, and receive bids.

A producer pays nothing to submit an RFQ on DupliQuote.com. And vendors never pay a percentage or commission to DupliQuote, just a nominal fee of up to $3.00 to bid on jobs that fit their capabilities and schedule. Chief Software Architect Carl W. Hoerth explained the basics of using DupliQuote.com. "A producer requests a quote by filling out an online form detailing their job," he said. "Vendors browse these jobs and bid on those that fit their available resources. The producer reviews the bids for things like price and the vendors' customer service ratings. The producer then selects the best bid, contacts the vendor and awards the job. After the job is completed and delivered, the producer will leave quality ratings and feedback."

DupliQuote.com helps vendors plug gaps in their business cycles, according to DupliQuote. Duplicators and producers interested in using DupliQuote.com simply need to log on to http://www.dupliquote.com to get started, or call 1-877-DUPLIQUOTE (387-5478).

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