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Divergent Media Releases ClipWrap – m2t to QuickTime Conversion
Posted Aug 19, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Divergent Media announced today the immediate availability of ClipWrap, a Macintosh application that batch converts m2t files to QuickTime HDV files for immediate editing.

About ClipWrap
HDV has quickly become the economical, flexible, high definition format of choice. The availability of disk-based cameras and third-party direct-to-disk recorders has only increased the format’s popularity. However, the primary recoding format of these devices, m2t transport streams, can’t be opened by the most popular video programs. ClipWrap is a Macintosh application that batch converts these m2t files into QuickTime movies that can be used in any QuickTime-based application, including Final Cut Pro.

"Before ClipWrap, if you received a clip in m2t format, there were a myriad of conversion tools available—each with signifiant drawbacks. Many of them were slow and left you with a clip which took up much more disk space than the original and a generation of image loss. Others work with only a single brand of cameras," said Divergent Media CEO Mike Woodworth, "ClipWrap is the first solution which quickly converts any HDV m2t file to QuickTime with zero image degradation."

ClipWrap quickly and easily "rewraps" your m2t files. The original video data of the camera-acquired clip remains intact—ClipWrap simply places this video data within a QuickTime container so it can be read natively in any QuickTime-compatible application. With ClipWrap, m2t files can immediately be converted for native HDV editing in Final Cut Pro. Because ClipWrap doesn't alter the video data in any way, there is zero image loss and the speed of conversion is as fast as a file copy.

ClipWrap Features:

  • Rewraps - Doesn't Transcode: ClipWrap rewraps the video samples from your existing m2t files without re-encoding them. This means blazingly fast convert speeds and no image degradation.
  • Automatic Format Detection: ClipWrap speaks m2t so you don't have to. It automatically parses the file's format and chooses the proper output format, so there's no hassle trying to determine the proper settings (frame rate, image size, gamma levels, etc).
  • Full Timecode Support: Timecode is recreated in the new QuickTime movie, so you can recapture from tape later if necessary.
  • Supports all m2t formats: Now you're not limited to specific HDV cameras, you can rest assured your m2t files will be compatible with FCP when it comes time to edit.
  • Automatically recombines spanned files: If your direct to disk recorder splits files every 4GB, ClipWrap automatically detects these spanned clips and will recombine them into a single seamless QuickTime movie.

ClipWrap is available immediately for the suggested retail price of $49.95. A limited trial can be downloaded from www.clipwrap.com. ClipWrap can be purchased for instant download at www.clipwrap.com/store/.

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