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Digital Juice Announces the Launch of DJTV Season 2
Posted Jan 17, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Digital Juice is pleased to announce the immediate launch of season two of DJTV, Digital Juice Television. DJTV is Digital Juice's Web-based Television Network dedicated to tips, tricks, tools, techniques and technology for video editors and graphic designers.

The DJTV "line-up" consists of four programs, hosted by industry experts who are just chomping at the bit to share their secrets. This season sees the return of some old favorites along with two new shows added to the line up.

Field of View: Focusing on producing your videos by thinking less like a technician and more like an artist, Chuck Peters brings Field of View, a brand new show to the line up. The first show already caught the eye of user forums across the web with lively discussions on the Creative Cow and Apple user forums.

Take 5: Industry veteran Rick Green hosts the return of Take 5 with new ways to spice up your videos by using industry tried and tested techniques for creating out of this world productions.

Audio Buzz: In the world of audio, sound engineer Jeff Earley hosts Audio Buzz, a brand new show that breaks the sound barrier in audio editing techniques and tricks.

TechKnow: Want to know the ins and outs of the technical aspects of the video, film and audio world? Join Eric Franks as he hosts a second season of TechKnow.

DJTV will be streamed directly to your desktop, living room, edit suite, or even your iPod. Every week you'll be treated to new concise topics, explained and demonstrated in terms that anyone can understand. You'll find topics ranging all levels of complexity and experience.

DJTV costs the viewer nothing. There is no sign up, subscription or dues to pay, just high quality productions to help everyone in the field of video production and graphic design. Check it out today at http://www.digitaljuice.com/djtv/now_playing.asp.

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