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Digital Hotcakes Delivers America the Beautiful to its Worship Series in HD
Posted May 31, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TriLab Productions has announced the release of their first products in HD - Worship Series Volume 11 Mountains Majesty and Volume 12 Shining Sea. Shot in Sony HDCAM 1080i, majestic mountain scenes and tranquil ocean and beach scenes are the highlights of these new installments to the Digital Hotcakes Worship Series. The stunning stock footage is available in both HD and SD format. Each volume contains 20 clips great for use behind scripture, song lyrics, and church announcements.

The Worship series products are offered at $49.95 per volume. Worship Series Volumes 11 and 12 in HD are available for $69.95. They can be purchased directly from Digital Hotcakes.


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