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DVTEC Ships DvMultiRig
Posted Sep 6, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

DVTEC, creators of the DvRigPro, EngRig, DvRigJunior, and the DvCarRig, are proud to present the new MultiRig, for the new age of tapeless and HD cameras. With the advent of high-resolution, high-definition cameras, the larger, higher-quality picture means that little nuances in the image will be increasingly noticeable. This translates to the need of a high-quality device, that is easily convertible, light weight, affordable, durable, and beautifully matches the new age of small cameras.

Whether you want to shoot in a low angle tripod-type mode, or in a gravity-balanced handheld mode, or traditional shoulder mounted mode, the Multi Rig does it all. Change your shooting mode based on your needs. Change it on the fly. No tools required at all! When you need a floating shoot use the Multi Rig in the Stabilizer mode. The natural balance of gravity against the weight of the camera and the position of your arms provides silky smooth results, rivaled only by high-end body mounted stabilizers, costing thousands of dollars. need to get a low angle shot?. The grips easily converts into tripod legs to keep the camera rock-steady and get those low angle shots only possible with a dedicated tripod or by risking your camera on the ground. Want to go back to shoulder support style? Slide in the shoulder bar and you 're ready to go. Be prepared for any run and gun situation or use the support pod for long handheld shots. Need to fly low? Use the shoulder bar as a Stabilizer handle and you have a professional low-angle mode device.

Get smooth and fluid perspective shots and cool defining shots that define you and your project. Want a handheld stabilizer with no weight on your arms? Attach the Shock absorbing support pod, to the Stabilizer and the weight of the camera rests on your hip bone. Get beautiful walking shoots, Dutch rolls, smooth pans and tilts, rivaled only by high-end fluid heads. accessories mounting points on each unit, hot-shoe, 3/8" mic adaptor and camera plate bracket are included, Acc. plates are also available.

All this and more is now available to you for at an affordable cost. Be prepared for any shooting environment, get professional smooth shots, representing the professional that you are. The Multi Rig can provide any shooting style you need, in a small compact package. When you're done just fold in the arms, and it all fits in your camera case. The Multi Rig is lightweight and easily convertible to countless shooting styles.

For more information, visit: www.dvmultirig.com.

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