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CyberLink Releases PowerDirector 4
Posted Jan 24, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

CyberLink Corp. has announced the release of PowerDirector 4, featuring four Magic Tools for fast editing and movie creation. Magic Tools in PowerDirector 4 include:

  • Magic Clean, featuring CyberLink Eagle Vision 2 and CyberLink Noise Reduction, enhances video by cleaning both the audio and video tracks. CyberLink Eagle Vision 2 (CLEV-2) technology enhances the colors and brightness of the video, while unwanted noise is removed with CyberLink Noise Reduction (CLNR) technology. Magic Clean also lets users enhance the colors and brightness of their slideshow photos and automatically remove unsightly red-eyes.
  • Magic Cut automates the steps for editing long videos into one short clip by analyzing for valued elements.
  • Magic Music offers a quick way to create soundtracks that fit the length of a video clip or photo slideshow. Featuring a royalty-free soundtrack library arranged by genre, Magic Music recomposes music to match the soundtrack to any given length. More music is available for purchase online by linking from PowerDirector 4.
  • Magic Motion makes still images more enjoyable by adding panning and zooming during playback. PowerDirector analyzes each image for its main subject or subjects and then applies motion based on this key focus.

New features in PowerDirector 4 include CyberLink Rich Video technology, designed to save production time by reusing video file information created by Magic Cut or Scene Detection functions. PowerDirector stores the information within the files to ensure that the next time these features are used on the same files, production speed is improved. Multi Trim offers a simple means of manually editing a long clip by inserting multiple in and out points along a timeline. Once the points have been set, users can delete unwanted video with one click.

Inserting Chapters on the timeline provides a quick way for users to create video chapters in their movies. Users have the option of setting chapters evenly according to the full length of their video, at the beginning of each clip, or according to a set duration. The information created during Edit mode is transferred into Produce mode for faster DVD authoring. Align to Clip Edge delivers a convenient and accurate way of aligning effects and audio clips with the video clips instead of manually dragging them into position. Users can select whether they want to align to the left or right edge of a video clip.

Locking timeline tracks protects an entire track from accidental changes by preventing the deletion or changing of elements. Manual Batch Capturing offers an easy way to select, capture and merge a series of clips. Manual batch capturing provides precise control over the capturing process and is especially useful for dubbing VCR tapes, which do not include a timecode.

Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) Info window gives users information for better predicting the rendering process performed by PowerDirector's second-generation SVRT-2 technology. PowerDirector analyzes a project's audio and video tracks to estimate how much rendering will be required. A color code and percentage score offers a quick visual guide to understanding the results.


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