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CoreMelt Launches Rolling Shutter Reduction inside Lock & Load X
Posted May 17, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

CoreMelt Launches Rolling Shutter Reduction inside Lock & Load X. After much interest at the preview of the new Rolling Shutter Reduction feature at NAB this year, we are finally releasing this useful tool out into the wild world of CMOS based HD DSLR and camcorder videography. With the increase in popularity of high quality CMOS sensor based camera's like Canon's 5D mkII, the effect of rolling shutter artifacts on footage with motion in it has become a thorn in the side of every shooter.

Many of the effects of rolling shutter can be reduced in post production, but the most extreme wobble is unfortunately here to stay, and if you are stabilizing your footage, the artifacts are increased even more. Lock & Load X, the worlds fastest stabilizer for FCP, now has the ability to reduce rolling shutter artifacts as it stabilizes which reduces the vertical distortion and horizontal skew effects in your footage. We have included shutter coefficient settings for the Canon EOS 5D mkII, 7D and 550D.

The rolling shutter feature is part of a free update for current users of Lock & Load. Lock & Load X is available for FCP, FCE, and Motion, After Effects version coming soon.

Minimum System Requirements
Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.5.4 (or later)
G5 or Intel processor
1GB RAM (or more)

One of the following hosts:
Final Cut Studio 2, Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 (or later), Motion 3.0.2 (or later)
Final Cut Express 4.0 or later.

Rolling Shutter Reduction - http://www.coremelt.com/products/lock-and-load/rolling-shutter-reduction.html
Rolling Shutter Reduction Demo Video - http://www.coremelt.com/products/videos/rolling-shutter-reduction-demo.html
CoreMelt Lock & Load X - http://www.coremelt.com/products/lock-and-load/lock-and-load.html
CoreMelt Homepage - http://www.coremelt.com

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