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Chrosziel’s New Accessories for Panasonic 3D and 4/3s Cameras
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Chrosziel has a prepared its 3DA1Kit (456-203DA1KIT) for the new S3D Camcorder Panasonic AG-3DA1 consisting of a LightWeight Support (401-415) with 15mm rods, the MatteBox 456 Academy Double and the Retaining Ring (410-65) shaped to tightly fit the camera’s twin lens.

Those who already have the LightWeight Support for the Panasonic HVX200 can continue using it. It also fits on the Sony PMW-F3 (version shown in 2010) and the Canon XF300/305.

The MatteBox 456 Academy is equipped with two rotating filter stages with multiformat filterholders (510-01) for 5x5“ and 4x5.56“. When using the 5x5“ filters, both stages rotate without restriction.

All 2/3“ TV and Cine MatteBoxes with 142,5 mm connection can be used on the AG-3DA1 with the retaining ring 410-24 also shaped to fit the twin lens.
The Kit costs € 1,863.

For the shortly available Panasonic AG-AF100, Chrosziel has no less than 3 kits ready. Basis for two kits is the new LightWeight Suppport 401-427 with 15 mm rods together with MatteBox 450R2 with two rotating filter stages. The front stage takes 4x4“ or 4x5.65“ filters, the rear stage 4x4“. The kits are distinguished by the respective light-prevention rings. Chrosziel assumes that the camera will be used with only one type of lenses – cine or photo. Hence the 450R2AF1KIT with flexible light-prevention rings is intended for typical Micro Four Thirds Lenses with 50 to 85 mm outside diameter; the 450R2AF2KIT for compact PL-mounted lenses with diameters from 75 to 95 mm.

For all larger lens diameters up to 130 mm, use the 456-20AF1KIT with LightWeight Support 401-427, MatteBox 456 Academy Double with Flexi-Insertring (411-68) for diameters from 95 to 125 mm.

The Kits with MatteBox 450R2 cost € 1,317, the MB 456 Academy Double version costs € 1,794.
(all prices RRP ex VAT)

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