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Century Introduces New Xtreme Fisheye
Posted May 8, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Schneider Optics, Century Division has expanded on their family of fisheye adapters to offer the Xtreme Fisheye. This new attachment offers an ultrawide field of view along with pronounced barrel distortion.

The Xtreme Fisheye is currently designed for use with mini DV camcorders, including the Sony HVR-Z1U. Employing the highest grade optics, Century's Xtreme Fisheye lock-mounts onto the front of the camcorder lens to provide approximately 1608 horizontal angle of view (1808 when measured diagonally). For reinforced support, this new optic interfaces with existing standard rod systems.

The Century Xtreme Fisheye is designed for action sports, music videos, or dramatic impact shots in tight environments where capturing the field of view is otherwise impossible. Fisheyes effectively exaggerate depth, pull nearby objects closer and cause distant objects to recede into the background..

Priced below $3,000, the Xtreme Fisheye will be available Fall 2005.


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