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CalVideo Introduces Theft Deterrent Innovations with the Sentry Case
Posted Aug 13, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

"Wedding Crashers" and other uninvited guests can make special event productions particularly hazardous. Professional videographers and photographers frequently have expensive equipment stolen while on the job along with irreplaceable client media. CalVideo Ltd., a video production house specializing in special events and corporate videos, announced today the introduction of the patent-pending Sentry Case. The Sentry Case, with its innovative security features, is the first professional case designed specifically to deter theft of high-end gear used in the professional video, photo, and audio markets.

The custom-designed case incorporates a unique "3 Step Security System" which features the following:

  • Removable handles, making the case difficulyt to lift or move when handles are removed
  • Built-in 108db alarm that sounds if AC adapter is unplugged from an outlet
  • A 10-foot steel cable easily attachable to any stationary object.

When these safety features are used and the case is securely locked, the case is virtually impossible to steal.

The sturdy case is constructed of polypropylene and features a convenient telescopic handle and large 3" wide-track heavy duty wheels for maximum stability.


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