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CalDigit Offers Free AV Drive for HD Pro Upgrades
Posted Jul 21, 2010 Print Version     Page 1of 1

CalDigit has been providing premium storage solutions to creative professionals for years. Not only was CalDigit the first to provide blazing fast external PCIe storage solutions with the HDPro, but CalDigit was also the first to bring USB 3.0 to the Mac! Today CalDigit announces a great promotion, bringing both spectrums of users together. Upgrade your current HDPro to the new faster HDPro2, not only double your speed, but get a certificate for a free 1TB CalDigit AV Drive.

One of the best features of the CalDigit HDPro is that it has a user upgradeable controller. This means that the HDPro can be upgraded to the new HDPro2, quickly and easily! If practically doubling the speed of the HDPro doesn't sound good enough, CalDigit will also throw in a certificate for a free 1TB CalDigit AV Drive. By simply upgrading the controller of the HDPro with the new HDPro2 controller, amazing speeds of up to 800MB/s can be reached.

The CalDigit AV Drive is one of the most uniquely designed single drive systems on the market. It features the first dual interface with USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 connectivity. The CalDigit AV Drive is the first USB 3.0 device for the Mac, all in a sleek and compact design. The CalDigit AV Drive can reach extreme speeds up to 145MB/s.

Price and Availability
The HDPro2 controller is available now through CalDigit Certified Dealers worldwide or on the CalDigit online store. The HDPro2 controller is only $1,499. Visit http://www.caldigit.com for more information about the HDPro2, AV Drive and all of CalDigit's other products.

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