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Blackmagic Design Announces New HDLink Price at Only US $445
Posted Dec 28, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Blackmagic Design Inc. today announced a new price for HDLink, the highly popular monitoring converter for professional post production editors and broadcast paint and effects artists. This market-leading SDI to DVI/HDMI converter is the only SDI monitoring solution that instantly switches between HD and SD, and includes 4:2:2 and Dual Link 4:4:4 feature film quality.

Unlike other monitoring solutions, HDLink incorporates a built-in USB interface and software based on Windows XP and Mac OS X that allows full custom 10 bit lookup tables, combined with lift, gamma and gain adjustments in red, green and blue channels. This is vital when color calibrating for various popular brands of connected LCD panels, and ensures accurate broadcast quality color representation of the HD-SDI video input. Customers can load their own custom lookup tables, or select from the built in lookup tables compatible with Panasonic and Grass Valley Viper standard gamma encoded video. As an added bonus, the built in USB interface also allows software updates, so HDLink is never obsolete as software updates add new features.

HDLink is the world's first full resolution HD monitoring solution that's flexible enough to allow HDMI or DVI-D monitors to be connected - now one low cost converter does both. When DVI-D monitors are connected, HDLink allows pulldown for best monitor compatibility. For highest quality, HDLink features 4:2:2 and dual link 4:4:4 quality combined with 10 bit lookup tables. HDLink also supports stereo RCA audio output for monitoring on consumer HiFi equipment, as well as software for Windows XP and Mac OS X via an easy to use software interface. HDLink is much easer to setup then other products that require fumbling with little switches.

HDLink is available from Blackmagic's authorized resellers worldwide and has a new recommended retail price of only US$445.


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