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Artbeats Introduces Industry's First Royalty-Free Footage Shot with the RED One Camera
Posted Oct 21, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The industry's first and only royalty-free stock footage shot on the RED One digital camera is now available from Artbeats, with an initial release of more than 350 clips. Available for individual download, this new footage can be purchased with Artbeats' 'Buy 3, Get 4th Free' clip discount. For more information or to view the RED footage demo, please visit the Artbeats website at www.artbeats.com/redfootage.

"This is the first time that royalty-free footage with resolutions higher than High Definition (HD) (3K and 4K) is available on the market," said Phil Bates, president and founder of Artbeats. "By offering higher resolutions, plus the RED RAW files, our customers will now be able to pan, scan, rotate or crop the clip to create the desired look in HD - giving them increased flexibility and creative freedom when editing their HD projects."

Artbeats' RED footage features a multitude of subjects such as nature scenics, recreational lifestyles, industrial establishments, wild animals and so much more. Each clip is available in the original source size - either 2K, 3K or 4K resolution, depending on the clip, as well as NTSC, PAL and HD. The source RAW (.R3D) files will also be available for an additional fee, which gives users the ability to color correct the footage to match their own projects.

"This first launch is just a very small sampling of what's to come," continued Bates. "We have been actively shooting and are working on acquiring footage from outside sources that will encompass a wide range of subject matter. Watch for our RED library to grow very rapidly over the next several months."

Pricing and Availability
Artbeats' library includes 350 individual RED One clips that are available for download beginning Oct. 20. Pricing is $399 each for 4K and 3K clips, and $299 for 2K clips (available size and aspect ratio varies per clip); RAW (.R3D) files are an additional $100 after purchase of a hi-res clip. Low-res clips are available for $79 each. Artbeats' RED footage is sold as solo clips, which are eligible for the current 'Buy 3, Get 4th Free' clip discount. Additionally, NTSC, PAL and HD RED sourced clips will also be available. Please see the Artbeats www.artbeats.com/redfootage for sizes and information.

For more information on the RED One camera visit www.red.com.

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