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Artbeats Debuts Dozens of New Titles and Solo Clips at NAB 2007
Posted Apr 24, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Artbeats, the industry's leading provider of high-quality royalty-free stock footage, announced the immediate availability of dozens of new collections and solo clips at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), booth SL8012.

Shown for the first time at NAB, some of Artbeats' newest titles include: Burning House; Grow!; Lightning Storms; Storm Clouds 2; Mayhem HD; Code Rage; Timelapse Flowers 3; Protestants; Catholics and many more. Artbeats will also debut dozens of new royalty-free solo clips, which are sold individually and are not part of a specific collection.

Featuring a wide range of practical and compelling subject matter, these new releases offer an endless number of options for creative professionals seeking high-quality imagery for a variety of applications, including broadcast, feature film, commercial, concerts, live events, game development, independent production, multimedia and more.

Some of the new royalty-free footage Artbeats highlighted at NAB included:

  • Burning House is spectacular new pyrotechnic footage from Artbeats. As the fire ignites in the garage and starts to spread, you know there's no stopping the inferno as fire envelopes furniture, crawls up the ceiling and out the windows. Soon the whole structure is consumed in a dramatic display of incendiary destruction.
  • Grow! features fascinating footage showing the amazing effects of time on plants and flowers as they exist in nature. Watch as the ground rises and shifts as tiny sprouts find their way to the surface. See flowers dance and sway in the wind, and blades of grass grow in rapid timelapse.
  • Lightning Storms is the result of Artbeats' recent storm chasing expedition and includes some of the most magnificent lightning footage ever produced. Watch as light streaks across the sky, multiple strikes dance along the earth and giant bolts light up the night. This is truly breathtaking footage that is sure to captivate any audience.
  • Storm Clouds 2 will fascinate viewers as they watch footage of huge blankets of clouds churn and build while sheets of rain streak across the land in the distance. Massive thunderheads darken the sky and lightning strikes the ground as summer monsoons sweep the desert.
  • Mayhem HD features some of Artbeats' most popular Mayhem clips in HD. Featuring footage of breaking glass, splattering paint, blowing leaves, floating debris and much more, this collection makes it easy for users to create havoc in their next HD project.
  • Code Rage is a cyber-grunge collection of frenetic movement, garish colors and wildly spinning vortexes. Step outside the box and make a statement with these fabulous images of digital chaos.
  • Tmelapse Flowers 3 is the third edition of this popular theme, which illustrates roses, lilies, hibiscus, gladioli and other flora as they come to life. Watch as tender buds open and blossom then burst into full bloom. Many of the flowers begin to wilt and fade as their life cycle comes to an end.
  • Protestants features many scenarios found in Protestant churches including worship, singing, Bible reading, sermons, congregational scenes, home Bible study, offering, laying on of hands and much more.
  • Catholics contains footage that is incredibly beautiful and reverent. Light streams through stained glass windows as the robed priest administers the sacraments, as well as other scenarios familiar to the Catholic tradition including a nun, communion, holy water, procession, kneeling, rosary beads and more.
  • Solo Clips encompass a wide variety of subject matter designed to complement any user's footage palette. Be sure to check out the entire line up, which includes rodeo footage, timelapse Chicago, fireworks, Hoover Dam aerials, wild horses, Milwaukee aerials, scenic aerials, timelapse Las Vegas, small aircraft, timelapse Washington, DC, Las Vegas aerials, helicopter take-offs, landings and more.

Artbeats showcased these and dozens of other new titles and solo clips on the company's 45-foot video wall containing 42 HD plasma monitors at NAB 2007, booth SL8012. For more information on the titles listed above and other new collections released at NAB, please visit http://www.artbeats.com/prod/new_releases.php.

Artbeats' footage is available in HD-1920x1080, D1 NTSC-720 x 486 or D1 PAL-720 x 576 resolutions. Pricing for Artbeats' HD collections range from USD $799-$899; SD collections range from USD $399-$699. Individual HD clips start at $300 and NTSC/PAL clips start at $199. Artbeats' Solo Clips, which are sold separately and are not part of an existing collection, start at $300 for HD and $199 for NTSC/PAL.


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