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Anton/Bauer Introduces New Gold Mount Battery for JVC GY-HD100
Posted Aug 26, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

In an exclusive collaboration between JVC and Anton/Bauer, the GY-HD100 was specifically designed for a RealTime interface with Anton/Bauer batteries so that it would display the remaining runtime in the viewfinder. The unique programming of RealTime automatically detects the camera load and calculates runtime based on the existing operating conditions, a distinct advantage for any professional. The ergonomics of using this camcorder with Gold Mount batteries are more relevant than ever, considering the GY-HD100's use of full size bayonet mount lenses.

The QR-JVC 7/14 HDV provides the ability to utilize Anton/Bauer's entire range of batteries to properly balance the camcorder and power it for the most extended periods of time. In addition, the QR-JVC 7/14 HDV includes a PowerTap, convenient for powering camera mounted fill lights, such as the Ultralight 2, wireless receivers, video hard disk recorders and/or other accessories.

The MSRP is $195.


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