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Acoolsoft PPT2DVD 2.0 Released - Burn PowerPoint to DVD
Posted May 6, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Acoolsoft, which is absorbed in developing the best presentation authoring tools, today announced the release of PPT2DVD 2.0, an innovative yet economical solution to bring your PowerPoint presentation out of the monitors, but onto DVDs. Since its initial release on 2007, it has won tons of praises and received lots of Suggestions. After 5 months developing, it finally upgraded from 1.x to 2.0 with great improvements.

What's new in Acoolsoft PPT2DVD 2.0?
Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is the best tool to burn PowerPoint to DVD with excellent quality. It can retain all the animations, transitions, audio tracks, video clips, action buttons, internal links and other things you've added to the presentation, and generate DVD Menus to enable you to control the playback with a DVD remote. It is used by more and more teachers, sales people, presenters and even individuals who want to share or distribute their PowerPoint slide show more conveniently.

Here are the main upgrades which are genuinely useful and keep the Program standing on the top over the competitors:

1. Refreshing User Interface(Cool black and easy to understand)
2. Burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD disc with improved video quality
3. The conversion process is more stable and fast With higher conversion speed, PPT2DVD 2.0 saves 50% time for you.
4. Reasonable DVD menu editor. You know one of the best ways to enjoy your video on channel with others is the DVD format, and an important part of making a DVD experience enjoyable is incorporated the useful and understandable menu.PPT2DVD 2.0 will guide you to where you want!
5. Create eye-popping menus with free backgrounds, frames and buttons. Have you ever wondered how to create stunning, professional-looking interactive DVD menus to make your PowerPoint presentation more attractive, just like the ones on the DVDs you buy?

  • The new version offers you an enhanced range of menu materials including backgrounds, frames, buttons and text customizing, which will let you get creative when authoring your DVD PowerPoint presentation. Features include the following:
  • Amazing picture backgrounds
  • Flexible menu buttons
  • Professional - Looking frames
  • Customizing text
  • Flexible frame-capturing function to apply any captured frame as the thumbnail image on the menU

6. Support 12 PowerPoint files batch process at a time
7. Accurately synchronization of sound and animation
8. Fully compatible with Windows Vista, PowerPoint 2007
9. It can retain the video full screen play and loop setting if set in original PowerPoint presentation

What is Acoolsoft PPT2DVD?
Acoolsoft PPT2DVD does only one thing: Burn PowerPoint presentation to DVD with the best solution! Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is a powerful presentation tool which helps you burn PowerPoint presentations to DVD without any complicated technical skills. The wizard of PPT2DVD can walk you through the steps to create DVD presentation out the PowerPoint and enjoy your Presentation on TV with only a DVD player.

Why you need to burn PowerPoint presentations on DVD?

  • Showing presentations without the need of a computer
  • Create your own Toast DVD menu style
  • Distributing your slideshows to friends and colleagues on DVD Unattended
  • exhibition presentations on big screen
  • Giving your presentations a TV feel
  • Creating professional looking presentations Ensuring that everyone can view your presentations (no matter whether they have PowerPoint installed on their computers)
  • Protecting PowerPoint presentations from unauthorized editing

    Click here learn more details about Acoolsoft PPT2DVD 2.0. Download PPT2DVD 2.0: http://www.ppt-to-video.com/powerpoint-to-dvd-download.html

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