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Abcron Introduces The PlayO Brand Inkjet White, Hub-Printable DVD±R and 52X CD-R Series
Posted Oct 6, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Abcron Corporation has announced a series of its White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD±R and CD-R products. These PlayO 8X DVD+/-R and 52X CD-R discs allow users to quickly record and then print directly onto the full surface of the discs.

PlayO discs are compatible with a wide range of leading inkjet printers. Currently available in 8X speeds, the PlayO inkjet printable DVD±R disc features a 4.7GB storage capacity.

The discs feature a high-quality white printable surface right down to the hub. Each PlayO disc is rigorously tested to ensure reliability in a variety of recording situations. In addition to having a very low error and jitter rate, the discs are UV and heat resistant and conform to industry standards. The discs are also tested for superior colorfastness and fast ink drying times, according to Abcron.


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