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Abaltat Ships Express 2.0
Posted Sep 11, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Abaltat ™, a developer of innovative audio workflow solutions for postproduction and broadcast markets, announced today the release of Abaltat Express 2.0.

Based on the flagship Abaltat Muse application, Abaltat Express enables editors to compose royalty-free, multi-part soundtracks that are perfectly timed and aligned to video projects. Abaltat Express 2.0 ships with the brand new composition and analysis engine found in its big brother - Muse 2.0 - as well as seven stylized bands. Also new in the 2.0 release is a sleek new user interface that offers dials and prompts familiar to video editors.

"Abaltat Express is ideal for those users who are just getting their feet wet and want to limit their investment," said Mark Altekruse, Sales and Marketing Director, Abaltat. "Like Muse 2.0, Abaltat Express is designed so that users with little to no experience in developing soundtracks and compositions can hit the ground running. As they become familiar with the technology and concepts, they can graduate to more powerful composition tools such as Muse 2.0."

Abaltat Express 2.0 integrates the video and audio post workflows by providing a platform for users to create their initial soundtrack. Utilizing the audio engine and sounds native to the Mac, compositions can be tweaked using a number of Express controls or exported to industry standard audio editing applications such as Apple Logic and Garage Band or the Digidesign ProTools for finishing.

Abaltat Express 2.0 composes soundtracks by applying musical rules and custom algorithms with advanced video recognition software. The video recognition software analyzes the video and supplies information about color and duration of the clip. Musical rules, contained within the user's selected Band, are then applied to this analysis. After the initial Compose, the user can perform further editing and arranging of the soundtrack using familiar keyframing concepts and keyboard commands.

The final composition is always 100% royalty-free and can be used as-is, or, exported for further editing and recording in any modern Digital Audio Workstation application. The video is imported as a QuickTime file and the finished compositions can be exported as .AIFF or .WAV files, as MIDI files or as QuickTime. The Abaltat Express playout works with Mac's own soundcard or with the standard editing third party cards such as Blackmagic.

Highlights of Albatat Express 2.0 Abaltat Express 2.0 runs on Apple Macintosh X OS including Leopard. Feature highlights include:

  • Extensive Musical Range - Seven bands offering a range of soundtrack styles – from classical to hip-hop to dance to modern 21st century composition.
  • User Friendly Audio Editing Capabilities - Users can arrange soundtracks using familiar video editing concepts and controls such as keyframes and key commands common to many NLE’s.
  • Seamless Integration with Popular Video Applications – Abaltat Express 2.0 works with the world’s leading editing applications including:
    • Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express
    • Avid editing applications
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Media 100
  • Support for Professional Audio Workstations and formats - Exports general MIDI files that can be imported into;
    • Digidesign Pro Tools and Pro Tools LE
    • Apple Logic Studio, Logic Express and GarageBand
    • MOTU Digital Performer and more
    • Outputs audio in pro audio standards: .aiff, .wav or as MIDI Outputs combined or individual tracks
Abaltat Express 2.0 Pricing and Availability
Abaltat Express 2.0 is available today via the Abaltat web site (www.abaltat.com) and certified reseller channel for 230.00 USD. Existing Abaltat Express customers can upgrade to version 2.0 free of charge. A 14-day trial version of Abaltat Express and Muse 2.0 are available on www.abaltat.com.

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