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Abaltat Announces NAB Product Offerings
Posted Jan 31, 2008 Print Version     Page 1of 1

At the 2008 NAB Show, Abaltat will be showcasing all of its unique software offerings in versions designed for both Mac® and now Windows®-based PCs and laptops. By adding support for the Windows platform, Abaltat is making it easier for a much broader range of editors and producers to incorporate first-rate soundtracks into their video and film projects

Abaltat Muse™
Abaltat Muse™, the world's first video-driven soundtrack composer, is now available for the Windows® platform. Intended for use by video editors, this innovative professional software application creates original, royalty-free, broadcast-quality soundtracks in minutes. On display at the NAB Show, Abaltat Muse Version 1.1 will demonstrate how Abaltat's software can be used to measure select elements in a moving picture, and subsequently compose complementary music for that edited picture sequence.

In the composition stage, a QuickTime® version of the picture sequence is loaded into the application and analyzed. Abaltat Muse uses this analysis and the selection of a "band" and tempo to compose a first draft of the soundtrack. In the arrangement stage, the user can utilize keyframes, locked to the picture, to adjust the composition's melodic strains, instrument selection, scale modulation, and audio mix. The result can be exported as a full mix (either .aiff or .wav file), track by track, or as a MIDI file.

This latest version of Abaltat Muse integrates seamlessly with Apple®, Avid®, Adobe®, and Media 100® edit applications. It also features general MIDI export functionality so that music can be imported directly into any software application that supports the standard MIDI file format, such as Digidesign Pro Tools® and Apple's Logic®.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Muse are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Express™
Abaltat Express™, now available for both Mac® and Windows® platforms, is an affordable software solution that provides all the tools video editors need to compose and arrange a soundtrack. Abaltat Express leverages the interface, workflow, and powerful composition engine of the company's highly acclaimed Abaltat Muse™ product, the industry's first video-driven soundtrack composer, to provide professional results at an appealing price point. The user simply drops a QuickTime® file of the edited video sequence into Abaltat Express, clicks "Compose," and selects parameters for composition. The soundtrack is composed in a matter of seconds, and the arrangement can be refined through adjustment of keyframes on the timeline. Once the project is complete, it may be exported as an .aiff, .wav, or MIDI file.

Both Mac and Windows versions of Abaltat Express are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Band™
Abaltat Band™ is a suite of "bands" that work as a plug-in for the Abaltat Muse™ and Abaltat Express™ applications, extending the user's choice of music styles and genres. Abaltat Band now also supports Windows®-based PCs and laptops. The plug-in currently features seven different "bands": Ensemble, Atmospheric, R&B, Minimalist One, Minimalist Two, Dub Reggae, and Percussion One, all of which come bundled free with the purchase of Abaltat Muse or Abaltat Express. The combination of Abaltat Band with Abaltat Muse and Express presents video editors with a selection of richly textured composition styles that complement and enhance their work.

The audio samples in the Abaltat Band plug-ins for Abaltat Muse are supplied by Native Instruments and Garritan Libraries, two of the market leaders in the audio sample production industry. Because of this, Abaltat Muse compositions have a natural, live feel. Authentic-sounding instruments are combined with unique software to create the first radical departure in the concept of soundtrack production for the 21st century.

Abaltat Band plug-ins for Abaltat Muse utilize the audio engine and sounds native to the user's computer.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Band are available for purchase (download or hard copy) here.

Abaltat Beat™
Abaltat Beat™, now also available for Windows®-based PCs and laptops, is a software application which functions as a beat calculator and a rhythm machine. In just a couple of minutes, this simple application allows users to create drum tracks to match an edited video clip. The beat calculator function uses the edit decision list (EDL) to calculate the optimum beats-per-minute (BPM) for an edited picture sequence. Abaltat Beat then suggests a series of possible fits from which the editor can choose. The favored BPM rate can then be used to search a music library or as an input for the Abaltat Muse™ or Abaltat Express™ soundtrack composer.

The rhythm machine function within Abaltat Beat uses a selected BPM, time signature, and drum pattern (included with the application) to create a drum track that is in sync with the picture. The resulting track can be exported as an audio (.aiff), QuickTime® (with picture), or MIDI file.

Both Mac® and Windows versions of Abaltat Beat are available for purchase (download or hard copy) at www.abaltat.com.

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