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16:9 Introduces New Focus/Iris Control for HVX-200 and AG-DVX100B
Posted Apr 3, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

16x9 Inc. has introduced Foxi by Bebob Engineering, the new professional remote focus and iris control for Panasonic HVX-200 and AG-DVX100B camcorders. This compact unit puts smooth and accurate adjustment of these lens functions directly at the operator's fingertips. Plus, Foxi switches easily between auto and manual control.

Set up is fast and easy, according to 16:9. Featuring an improved quick-release clamp, Foxi can be mounted to tripod panhandles up to 34mm in diameter for studio work, or (using the supplied spacer bracket) to 15mm mattebox lightweight support rods for cinema configurations. The unit's coiled cable extends up to 4' (122cm). A sturdy 3mm elbow plug connects to the FOCUS/IRIS socket of the Cam Remote at the back of the camera. Constructed of rugged, lightweight polycarbonate, Foxi is designed for maximal operator comfort and ease of use.

The oversized Focus control knob is similar in style to a standard follow focus. With a diameter of 60mm, the knob is capable of rotating a full 270 degrees. An integrated fluid friction allows for slow, accurate, and repeatable focus control movements. The camera's iris is managed via a strategically placed sliding paddle indicator. Using this responsive "throttle design" control, adjusting the iris takes only a single seconds-swift thumb movement.

Focus and iris controls are both equipped with extra-wide scales for easy marking. Dual sliding switches set in the bottom of the unit allow for fast and effortless toggling from Auto to Manual Focus or Iris control, and vice versa. The new Foxi remote focus/iris control is designed to work in conjunction with Bebob Engineering's Zoe DVX-PZB remote zoom control.

16x9 Inc. is offering the Foxi at an introductory price of $465 (Suggested U.S. list price is $525). For more information on the Foxi or other Bebob products, including the Zoe line of remote zoom controls, Lux on-board camera light, and Coco-DVL power converter, visit www.16x9inc.com.

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