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Factory Town: Ulead Updates DVD Movie Factory Disc Creator
Posted Apr 18, 2005 - September 1999 [Volume 8, Issue 9] Issue Print Version     Page 1of 1

I couldn't ask for a better lead-in to our next SHORT OF IT item. Creator is an all-in-one video editing package that happens to do DVD authoring. Ulead's DVD Movie Factory 3 Disc Creator is a fine consumer-level authoring tool that happens to do video editing ancd DVD burning, and it's long been a favorite in the friendly confines of our offices. We like it even more now. Version 4, which Ulead announced at CeBIT in Germany last month, keeps all of the previous iteration's ease of use while adding features that should make it even more appealing to videographers who want to do for their DVD authoring what Creator does for their various quick-and-easy iLife-for-Windows needs.

Among the new goodies: full 16:9 authoring and menus, pan & zoom slideshow, video lighting correction, burned disc verification, and even DVD-Audio disc creation. Plus, its Fit to Disc feature lets you import all or some of a DVD's contents (content, languages, subtitles) and convert to DVD-video or fit double-layer content onto a single-layer disc. And it's still got trademark Ulead staples like playlists and MultiTrim. DVD Movie Factory Disc Creator 4 lists for $99.99.

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