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VideoPort Intros New Line of Video Conferencing Software Servers
Posted Dec 16, 2009 Print Version     Page 1of 1

VideoPort announces the availability of new release 2.6.2 of its line of video conferencing software servers: VideoPort SBS, VideoPort SBS Plus and VideoPort Enterprise. The new version features display of the remote desktop and implements a more efficient echo suppression algorithm. Thanks to changes in the pricing policy, the professional video conferencing systems supplied by the company are now even more affordable.

VideoPort's line of solutions for setting up and holding video conferences includes three products that ensure high quality video and sound, even at super low speed (from 128 kbps) and on unstable communication channels. The perfect fit for running video conferences in small workgroups would be VideoPort SBS: it provides the basic functionality of VideoPort's solutions and allows one-group video conferencing (when 2 or more people participate in the conference and see 2 or more people simultaneously). Medium and large groups can take advantage of VideoPort SBS Plus, optimized for handling up to 150 online users simultaneously, which enables up to 50 parallel video conferences.

If video conferences are intended to be held in large workgroups, it makes sense to choose VideoPort Enterprise, providing simultaneous operation of several thousands of online users and capability for holding a great number of simultaneous video conference sessions.

The VideoPort video conferencing software features a wide range of functions, including private video conferences between two users, standard symmetric group conferences, as well as asymmetric group conferences, where the host can hear and see all the participants while the participants hear and see only the host. Besides that, VideoPort SBS Plus and VideoPort Enterprise allow group conference calls with up to 100 participating users in which up to 3 speakers can broadcast the video and audio signal to the entire audience.

The VideoPort video conferencing servers' functional capabilities allow video conference participants not only to see and hear each other, but also to handle images and files in the real-time mode. The latest version also features display of the remote desktop.

About VideoPort
VideoPort is engaged in the development and production of software systems for setting up and holding video conferences and renders video conferencing services. For additional information on the company, please visit http://video-port.com.

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